The ESOL endorsement will be formalized into a certificate program to be available in Fall Term, 2019. Please return to this page for further updates.


Dual Language Specialization

Dual language is a form of bilingual education. The goal of dual language programs is for K-12 students to become academically proficient in two languages. Dual language programs are also referred to as dual immersion or two-way immersion programs because classrooms are generally comprised of approximately half native English speakers and half native speakers of the other target language.

The Dual Language Specialization Program at Oregon State University is designed to assist preservice and licensed teachers in developing knowledge, skills and abilities in dual language instruction in order for them to effectively help K-12 students, who are learning in bilingual or dual language classrooms, improve their bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural competencies.

Our program was approved by Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) on January 18, 2018. To begin, we will offer Ecampus online-only courses, focused primarily on the professional development needs of licensed educators who are already teaching in a K-12 Spanish-English dual language program or hope to do so.

For many years, we have offered a strand of our ESOL Endorsement Program fully-online and specifically geared to the needs of practicing teachers in Oregon. The Dual Language Specialization Program will be building on this experience, the resources of OSU’s award-winning Ecampus, and strong partnerships with districts throughout the state.


Contact Information

Tiffany Palaniuk
ESOL/Dual Language Endorsement Lead
Phone 541-737-2983