Sara Schley
Curriculum Vitae

Sara Schley

she/her or they/their
Chair and Professor, Department of Educational Practice and Research

Furman Hall, 200 SW 15th Street
Suite 204H
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

Sara is a learning scientist who focuses on finding strategies to reduce unhelpful levels of classroom learning friction, partnering closely with students to help build more inclusive educational spaces for those with and without disabilities. Sara was trained in developmental psychology and quantitative methods and she has many years of experience working with small populations and qualitative methods. She collaborates with people across disciplinary boundaries, including science and social sciences, math, engineering, and education and teacher training. She comes to OSU from positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

Sara is an avid (and aging) figure skater who also spins and knits copious amounts of yarn. She has two young adult children - Elodie and Hannah. She and her partner Eleanor live in NW Corvallis and enjoy the Oregon coast, hiking, sushi, and generally exploring the area. They live alongside Sara’s menagerie of 4 cats (all rescues) and 1 dog (a yellow lab and former service dog). She went to college in Portland, Oregon, and is happy to be back in Oregon!

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