Neffisatu Dambo

Neffisatu Dambo

Counselor Educator

Corvallis, OR
United States

Dr. Neffisatu Celestine Dambo is a licensed school counselor, principal, and teacher. She has served as an advocate, mentor, consultant, and volunteer with academic, medical, and not-for profit programs around the world. Dr. Dambo is the founder of Genuine Intelligent Respectful Ladies Soaring, a 501(c)(3) holistic organization that advocates for 6th through 12th grade youth. She is also an entrepreneur who serves as the CEO for several limited liability companies (LLC). In 2015, Dr. Dambo was the first to be awarded the University of Illinois Young Alumni Achievement Award. She was also awarded the Faculty Opportunity Award for Research as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. In the Fall of 2015, Dr. Dambo embarked on her full-time work in higher education counselor education programs. She has seven years in higher education as a Counselor Educator, seven years as a high school counselor, and 20 years of experience with organizations serving children from underrepresented groups. She graduated high school at the age of sixteen, earned a B.S. in Psychology, and a B.A. in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University. In 2006, Dr. Dambo earned her M.S. in Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. She continued her studies at the University of Illinois and earned a M.S. in Educational Policy Organization Leadership. Dr. Dambo earned her Ph.D. in Education - Counselor Education Track at the University of Central Florida where she served as a Graduate Research Assistant for the College of Education and the College of Medicine’s Associate Dean of Diversity. Her research interests include: (a) academic-career transitions and retention, (b) program development and evaluation, (c) innovative group counseling approaches for students’ at-promise, (d) community wellness and instrument design for special populations, and (e) multicultural advocacy.