We are at the forefront of change

Leaders in K-12 and higher education, social justice and equity-based research

At Oregon State University’s College of Education, we develop a diverse and inclusive community of scholars, educators and change agents.

We are deeply engaged with equity and anti-racism work in our research, teaching and service. Our faculty include award-winning scholars, producing cutting-edge, equity-minded research.

Adult and higher education, counseling, teaching and other programs have redesigned curriculum firmly grounded in diversity, equity and inclusion. The College is fully committed to serving the needs of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community through our service.

Documenting the work

The "Call to Action" category on the College of Education blog is a space that will document and archive our ongoing DEI work.

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Call to Action  

This message has been approved by all governance committees within the College of Education. It aligns with the vision, mission and values of the college.

In the College of Education, our efforts toward equity are a work in progress. We acknowledge that in our history and present we have made mistakes, but we commit to engage in anti-racism work to better serve the needs of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community. This commitment includes ongoing action, initially split into five foci, that have been integrated into our governance structure. To serve the needs of the BIPOC community, we will employ equitable student recruitment and retention practices;  examine pedagogy and update syllabi for non-bias and inclusive practices; engage in faculty/staff forums and trainings; review College research and scholarship support structures and policies, and create a welcoming environment in Furman Hall and beyond.


We as a College of Education commit to these actions by

  • Holding reoccurring “Call to Action” open sessions for faculty and staff to explore and discuss concerns and actions needed to further our efforts addressing racism.
  • Participating in DEI-focused leadership training (Leading Change for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) by all leadership team members.
  • Requiring search advocates for every competitive hire and creating a College policy to support equitable search practices for all college hiring.
  • Examining and improving equity in student recruitment and retention practices. 
  • Reviewing course syllabi and pedagogy across programs to identify equity-focused changes.
  • Holding anti-oppressive conversations and training for faculty and staff that focus on specific identities (e.g. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Trans, Disability, national origin, etc.).
  • Reviewing College research and scholarship support structures and policies to better support equity work, with explicit attention to serving the needs of the BIPOC community. 

  • Building structures and practices that support and highlight College research and scholarship that uncover and promote the alleviation of inequity, with explicit attention to the needs of the BIPOC community. 

  • Charging an ad hoc governance committee to explore changes to create a community and space that are welcoming for BIPOC students, faculty, and staff.

For more ideas, keep an eye out for information on our upcoming forums. Send questions, comments, concerns to [email protected]

Moving Forward Together

Realizing our commitment to leading change and ending systemic racism within Oregon State University requires that we collaboratively work as faculty, staff and students to consider and take actions consistent with OSU’s mission and the values of the university community.

The Moving Forward Together website outlines actions underway within the university to advance this commitment.

Standing in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism

We stand in solidarity with members of Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities as the rise in anti-Asian racism continues in our country. We affirm that members of the OSU community who are of Asian descent belong at Oregon State, are valued members of our community and deserve to feel safe and respected.

Standing in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism


Virtual March: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2021

This short documentary covers important moments in the long struggle of Black students for racial justice at OSU and beyond. Produced by students and staff affiliated with the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center on campus, this projects looks at the past and future of racial justice.

Virtual March: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2021