Ruth Stiehl, Professor Emeritus, and Don Prickel, Assistant Professor, former College of Education faculty,  have announced the publication of a six-book series titled, The OUTCOME Primers Series 2.0 which is designed to be used for the continued professional develop of administrators, directors and instructors. Published by The Learning Organization, The OUTCOME Primers Series 2.0, comprised of six booklets, is thought to be the only organization-wide guide to establishing and sustaining a learning outcomes and assessment system that applies not only to colleges, but also to agencies and industry.

In continuation of their years of mentoring OSU graduate students, Drs. Stiehl and Prickel chose four outstanding educators from across the country to join with them as co-authors in this series:  Kathy Telban, former Director of Curriculum Development and Learning, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio; Lori Sours, Outcomes and Assessment Strategist, Rogue Community College; Lynn Null, County Extension Director, Oklahoma State University; Michele Decker, Professor of Nursing, Central Oregon Community College. Dr. Prickel is the Executive Editor of the Series.

Titles in the series include:

The OUTCOME Primer: Envisioning Learning Outcomes, by Stiehl and Sours

The CONTENT Primer:  Aligning Essential Content with Learning Outcomes, by Stiehl and Decker

The ASSESSMENT Primer:  Assessing and Tracking Evidence of Learning Outcomes, By Stiehl and


The MAPPING Primer:  Mapping the Way to Learning Outcomes,  by Stiehl and Telban

The GUIDING Primer:  Guiding Toward Learning Outcomes, by Prickel and Stiehl

The SUSTAINABITY Primer:  Sustaining Learning Outcomes and Assessment, by Telban and Stiehl

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