English Learners in STEM Subjects: Transforming Classrooms, Schools, and Lives

The National Science Foundation commissioned the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to examine the research on English Learners’ learning, teaching, and assessment in STEM subjects. Their Committee on Supporting English Learners in STEM Subjects, which includes Dr. Cory Buxton, Professor of Education, in the College of Education, released a report, English Learners in STEM Subjects: Transforming Classrooms, Schools, and Lives in October 2018. This report recommends strategies for classroom instruction, tools, and means of building capacity in schools and districts to further English learners’ development of proficiency in STEM subjects and language. Dr. Buxton was the lead author on two chapters in the report: Chapter 5 on School-Family-Community: Contextual Influences on STEM Learning for English Learners and Chapter 6 on Preparing the Educator Workforce for English Learners in STEM.  The report and accompanying webinar are available for download at the link above.



Understanding racial literacy through acts of (un)masking: Latinx teachers in a new Latinx diaspora community

Dr. Soria Colomer, Assistant Professor in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in the College of Education, has a new article published in the Journal of Race Ethnicity and Education.  This study analyzes the storytelling of six Latinx teachers to reveal the challenges and tensions that arise when Latinx teachers try to define their identity in social spaces. It also encourages the use of storytelling as a pedagogical tool to develop racial literacy skills.