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Make your mark — become a teacher

Impact the lives of children by becoming a licensed elementary teacher through Oregon State University’s B.S. in Teaching program with an option in Clinically Based Elementary Education. This Ecampus program blends online and hybrid courses that offers you exceptional mentoring while teaching alongside experienced, senior teachers from partner school districts.

Once admitted, students can complete this full-time professional program in two years. During that time, you’ll be immersed in the classroom, gaining hands-on teaching experience from day one while actively learning online with a cohort of like-minded peers. Courses are online and hybrid, with in-person coursework taking place 3-4 times per term on weekends. Accommodations may be made for those at a distance.


90 credits out there + 90 credits at Oregon State

Prior to enrolling in the BS-CBEE program, you must first complete a minimum of 90 transferrable credits either at a community college or another four-year institution, including several program prerequisites and Baccaluareate Core (general education) courses. Partnerships with Oregon community colleges provide a fully articulated course pathway that follows the Oregon Major Transfer Map for Elementary Education. View the course checklist or sample four-year plan below for more details on the required courses.

You will then enter Oregon State’s program as a third-year student with no or limited need to take additional coursework outside of the 90 credits of major and and Baccalaureate Core classes in order to earn your degree and Oregon teaching license. View our curriculum page or sample four-year plan below for more details.


Sample four-year plan

Get a feel for what your degree path may look like by viewing a sample of Oregon State’s B.S. in Teaching four-year degree plan. Your own plan will differ depending on the community college(s) or universities you have attended. 

View the sample 4-year plan

Use our community college transfer guides to help you plan out courses at your community college that are required prior to entering the CBEE program at OSU. 


Partnerships aimed at helping you succeed

Built on unique partnerships among the OSU College of Education, Oregon school districts and Oregon community colleges, the BS-CBEE program combines unparalleled access to vital classroom experience with the opportunity to learn from renowned Oregon State faculty online.


ESOL and Dual Language Education

  • ESOL:  BS - Clinically-Based Elementary Education Option Students: Students enrolled in the BS Clinically -Based Elementary Education program option complete the coursework to obtain the ESOL Endorsement with their license.
  • Dual Language Specialization: BS - Clinically-Based Elementary Education Option: Students have the option of obtaining a Dual Language Specialization with their license and an ESOL Endorsement. To do so requires a one course substitution and enrollment in one additional 3-credit course beyond the 90 credits required for the BS degree. Students who take all 21 credits of the Dual Language Specialization are eligible to add both the ESOL Endorsement and the DL Specialization to their license.



Angel Deberry, CBEE Program Lead

Shoshanna Holman, CBEE Program Navigator

To learn more about the program, contact Shoshanna at [email protected]