Teachers are in demand. And graduating with your B.S. in Teaching degree online from Oregon State leads to the specific career outcome of being qualified to teach in the state’s elementary classrooms. The program will put you on a path to earn your Oregon Elementary – Multiple Subjects for PK-12 license with an ESOL endorsement.

There are strong employment prospects for licensed teachers in the Portland metro area and across the state, with a need for teachers with degrees across all content areas.

Meet the need for ESOL educators

Nationally, there is a strong need for teachers, particularly in key areas including the teaching of emergent bilingual students. As part of this teaching bachelor’s program, you’ll complete coursework for an ESOL endorsement.

Career services

An added benefit is that you’ll have access to Oregon State’s Career Development Center, which provides valuable resources to help you find lifelong career success and meaningful employment in a diverse world.



Nell O'Malley , BS-CBEE Program Co-Lead

Melissa Potter, BS-CBEE Program Co-Lead

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