Deb Bailey

Deb is currently pursuing a PhD in Science Education, Free Choice Learning track and a Masters of Public Health, Health Promotion and Behavior track at Oregon State University. Deb started her career with the United State Peace Corps teaching Chemistry, Physics and Geography at a secondary school in Namibia Southern Africa. She obtained her BS in Chemistry from Aquinas College and her MS in Resource Development from Michigan State University. Prior to graduate school Deb worked within environmental education and watershed management, as well as nutrition education and research.  Deb is interested in researching youth gardening programs and their ability to instill positive identity.  

Jay Z. Breslow

Jay Breslow is a PhD student in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education at the University of Oregon. Before returning to graduate school he managed the James John SUN Community School in North Portland, OR. His research interests include the way creativity is distributed across communities and how that creativity can be activated to generate emergent learning, teaching and assessment strategies. Jay will be working with students and community members in the Parkrose neighborhood as well as consulting on creativity and innovation strategies. 

Sam Severance

Sam is pursuing a dual PhD in Learning Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests center on designing educational interventions that align to both educational theory and empirical research on how people learn. With this emphasis, he hopes to inform how in-school and out-of-school environments can be designed to be mutually rich and supportive.  Prior to graduate school, Sam taught 8th grade science for five years at Prairie Middle School in the Cherry Creek School District where he was also a department coordinator. Sam holds a BA in Neuroscience & Behavior from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an MA in Instruction & Curriculum from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jen Wyld

Jen is pursuing a PhD, Free Choice Learning track at Oregon State University. Jen has a long background as a Montessori guide at the elementary and middle school levels and through this, developed a deep interest in how learning experiences can be more engaging both in and out of school. She has a BA in Latin from the University of Texas at Austin, an MA in Geography- also from the University of Texas at Austin, where she did her research on environmental education, and an MEd from Loyola University, with an emphasis on Montessori Elementary Education.  Jen’s research interests include alternative education, sustainability education, and the Make Education movement.