About the Agricultural Education Option

The Agricultural Education doctoral option has the primary focus of preparing students to assume faculty positions in colleges or university agricultural education programs. With guidance from the major professor, students create an individual program of study that provides a comprehensive knowledge of the teaching and learning process with a strong theoretical foundation and practical research experience in agricultural education.

Areas of research and interest in Agricultural Education:

  • K-12 and Postsecondary Student Motivation
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Teacher preparation and early career retention
  • Teaching methods
  • Teacher recruitment, retention, and professional development
  • Equity and inclusion in agricultural education

Specific requirements:

Evidence of successful teaching experience in secondary agricultural education in the United States.

Ability to pass the state of Oregon background check.

Option Requirements:

The Agricultural Education option is a minimum of 108 credits which include: a core curriculum in quantitative and qualitative research, 13 credits in a specialty area, a practicum, and a dissertation. Additional research methods and elective courses as approved by the major professor (faculty advisor).

Applicant requirements: 3.0 GPA or better. Master’s degree or equivalent is encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Jonathan Velez to discuss relevant prior experiences and education. 

The Agricultural Education option has a rolling application process. Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Velez if interested.