Many undergraduates are not aware of the career possibilities open to them if they augment their major degree with a minor in education or with the prerequisite knowledge to pursue graduate work in Education and related fields. Education is not just about schooling.

Education is about understanding and facilitating learning socially, culturally, environmentally, and personally. It is about self-learning, adult learning, child and adolescent learning, learning in mixed age groups like families, and psychosocial and emotional growth.

The professional practice of facilitating learning is approached differently in different fields (i.e., extension outreach in science or math, counseling, workplace training, or teaching second language learners). STEM education, Career & Technical Education, counseling, adult learning, formal K-20 learning, dual-language learning, and informal learning are specialties of the College of Education at OSU.

By getting an undergraduate minor in Education, students get the basic prerequisite knowledge in our core 200 level courses and a further exploration of these careers and topics in our 300 and 400 level courses. Students will have the opportunity to follow tracks in education within their chosen major field.