Check out Taskstream First:

  1. Go to and log in using your onid email and the password provided by Kristin Kinman or Taskstream.  Once you have been entered into the system by OSU, you will receive an email with instructions from Taskstream.
  2. Once you log on you can change your password.

Before you observe:

  1. Remind your student teacher to load their lesson plan on Taskstream under formal observation for supervisor (in the first or second section depending on part time or full time)
    1. Common mistake by the student is that they will load it under Cooperating teacher observation and not supervisor. You will need to get on and click “evaluate” and send back to author.
    2. Check the night before that they have loaded the lesson plan and you can read it. You will not be able to enter data online if the student does not load their lesson ahead of time. There will be nothing to evaluate.
  2. Ask your student teacher for the username and password to log online at the school or call the office manager at the school and secure this knowledge. Some schools do not require a password or login.  Some schools change the password monthly or weekly. Students can get this information for you ahead of time. They may have to go to the main office to ask since the cooperating teacher may not know the guest login.
  3. Once at the school you can login, open the lesson by clicking the yellow button that says evaluate. Fill out the form and then click submit at the bottom of the page and send to author.  Your student can then see what you have recorded.

Team evaluation form:

  1. The student must log on to Taskstream and submit work for the team evaluation conference. They must choose you and the CT to be evaluators.
  2. I suggest that you ask the student and CT to log on to Taskstream and fill out the team evaluation form online before you come visit. You cannot enter data in this section until the student has evaluated him or herself and submitted work. (The CT will not be able to evaluate either until the student submits work.)
  3. The scores in the team evaluation from the supervisor and the CT will then be reconciled by the instructor for ED 407 or 424 (DD) or by the program coordinator (MS).

Finalizing the term on Task Stream

 At the end of full time student teaching: the TSPC summary report (the yellow form that is usually signed and approved you supervisor and CT) is under program completion.

  1. You will need to log on to Taskstream: hit Double Degree or MS as applicable, then choose the section for program completion. You will see this form titled TSPC summary report form, click on this form and hit met or not met. This is the final form that indicates you believe the student has completed student teaching and is ready for licensure.
    1. On Taskstream at the log in page do not click Needs evaluation, to get to this form. You will not see this form in this section. The form is not submitted by the student and therefore will not be in the Needs evaluation section.


  • If you cannot evaluate work from a student, send it back to author (the student) and have them check that they have chosen you as the evaluator. (student’s can get confused when having to choose between supervisors, instructors, and cooperating teachers).
  • If you decide not to evaluate something make sure you click cancel and evaluate later. If you just log out or go back to the grid after viewing the work than you have locked the work and only you can now evaluate it.
  • If you want to see all work, and all documents for the students that you have access to make sure that when you log on, on the home screen, you click Double Degree and then the student you want to see. NOT needs to be evaluated. Using needs to be evaluated to navigate to work will leave out any work needed to be completed by you that students did not submit (submitted by the college)

Comments: Please make note of any other tips or troubles you have using Taskstream that you would like to see on this form for future use.

The following chart can be used to choose the appropriate evaluator for each document required by TSPC.

Item to be evaluated Evaluator to be chosen on Taskstream
Before Program
Application for Program Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
Content Mastery Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
All test scores Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
Student Teaching
Observation by Cooperating Teacher CT who is doing the actual evaluation
Observation by Supervisor Your supervisor
Team evaluation conference Your CT and supervisor
Time log Instructor for ED 410/SED 410
Capstone/Master's Project Instructor for ED 424 (Double Degree), Nick Cabot (MS)
Application for licensure Summer Lowery