1. Go to to register and initiate your portfolio
  2. Create your password and enter your information
  • Make sure you put in your mailing address at OSU.
  • Your major is your primary degree not education degree. (Double Degree)
  • Once you have completed the form, you can hit submit and send OR you can save and submit later, if you are not done.
  • There will be a fee of $42 per year (no need to also put “dollars” here) when you register on Taskstream and you will need a debit or credit card to complete this registration. Students in multiple year programs can pay $42 per year, or pay upfront for a reduced rate.
  • Once you have created your account, you will need to enroll in a program. You will receive the correct code in your Seminar.
  • Once you have enrolled in a program, you can start attaching documents such as your content mastery form and test scores.
What you will need:
  • Copies of your Content Mastery form – saved on the computer.
  • Copies of your passing test scores saved on your computer (you will need to attach, it cannot be the email but the attachment/PDF that came with the email): CBEST, Civil Rights and Content area test/multiple subjects test if you have it.
  • Copy of your letter with your 60 hours of volunteer time or check TCE 309/409 saved on your computer.
  • The College will submit your overall GPA scores and Content Mastery scores.
Other tips
  • ! means “nothing to submit”
  • A padlock means it is “locked and nothing needed”

Once you are registered and have been admitted to Double Degree/ MS Program

Double Degree students will have 12 total observations for the year: 6 for part-time and 6 for full-time by Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor. 
MS students will have16 total observations for the year: 7 by your two Cooperating Teachers and 9 by your University Supervisor.
  1. Make sure you choose the appropriate column row for the observation: pick cooperating teacher (CT) or supervisor, depending on who is observing.
  2. This will open up the observation form for the instructor or CT to fill out during the observation. Your CT or Supervisor cannot fill out this form until you have attached your lesson for evaluation.
  3. Attach your lesson plan to Taskstream before each formal observation. Be sure to click submit.
  4. Your CT and/or supervisor will then complete the observation form and click submit. You will then have access to your scores and comments.
  5. Do this for every observation.
Team Evaluations (end of part-time and end of full-time)
  1. To prepare for this conference, you must first log on to Taskstream and select Team Evaluation Conference. Then you must score yourself on each area and submit for evaluation. Your Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor will not be able to complete their portion of the form until you have completed this step and submitted it for evaluation.
  2. Ask your CT, (email a reminder), to also fill in the evaluation before the University Supervisor arrives at the meeting.
  3. On the day of the conference, the University Supervisor will sit with both of you for a conference to discuss the scores; he/she will then enter his/her scores.
Time Log
  1. Using the form provided from ED 410 (Double Degree)/SED 509 (MS) keep a time log of hours for student teaching. Have your CT sign your document. Scan the time log for loading on Taskstream.
  2. Click on tTime log, enter information and attach your time log. Choose Liz White as evaluator.

Full time student teaching:

At the end of part-time student teaching, your progress will be evaluated. In order to move on to full time student teaching all documents listed below must be complete on Taskstream. You will not be allowed to continue without all of these documents submitted and evaluations completed.  

  • Attach and/or update your updated content mastery form
  • Attach any new test scores
  • Make sure your CT and supervisor have completed all observations
  • Make sure the Team evaluation Conference has been completed and the Team Evaluation form submitted
  • Make sure the Log of Hours is uploaded and approved
  • Make sure your edTPA has been approved by all evaluators.

Final Documentation:

  1. In the program completion section, upload your Capstone and select your ED 424 instructor for approval.
  2. Check to see if the TSPC approval form has been completed by your University Supervisor and CT.
  3. Apply for your license by clicking on Licensure Application in the Licensure and Placement menu on the previous webpage.
  • Feel free to use the create a portfolio option to create a portfolio of all your work submitted on Taskstream.
  • This portfolio, once created, will have a website address that can be shared in interviews and with employers.
  • You will have free access to this site (without the ability to change it) OR, to update and maintain the site, you can renew for $12 a year.
Tips and Trouble shooting
  • Make sure you use the chart below and select the appropriate evaluator. If your CT or university Supervisor cannot access your work, this may be the issue.
  • If the CT or University Supervisor is having access trouble or can’t see attachments, they can click send back to author and you can resubmit.
  • If you are using a Mac, then your saved document should have a .docx at the end of the saved item. Some Mac programs are not automatically saving documents with .doc at the end. These cannot be opened.
  • Scanned items can be very large, if you cannot load an item reduce the number of MB by taking out the scanned items and pictures. OR compressing these items.

The following chart can be used to choose the appropriate evaluator for each document required by TSPC.

Item to be evaluated before program Evaluator to be chosen on Taskstream
Before program
Application for Program Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
Content Mastery Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
All test scores Liz White (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
Student Teaching
Observation by Cooperating Teacher Your Cooperating Teacher (CT)
Observation by University Supervisor Your University Supervisor
Team Evaluation conference scores Your Cooperating Teacher and Supervisor
Time log Instructor for ED 410/SED 410
Capstone/Master's Project Your instructor for ED 424 (Double Degree) or Nick Cabot (MS)
Application for Licensure Sarah Davis