Taskstream for Cooperating Teachers

Check out Taskstream First

  • Go to Taskstream.com and log in using your email and the password provided by Taskstream. You should have received an email with your password from Taskstream.
  • Once you log on, you can change your password.

Before you observe

  • Remind your student teacher to load their lesson plan on Taskstream under formal observation for cooperating teacher (in the first or second section depending on part time or full time)
  • Common mistake by the student is that they will load it under supervisor observation and not cooperating teacher. If there is nothing in your observation column to evaluate then this is what has occurred.
  • Once you are logged on, click the yellow evaluate button. You can then see the lesson plan that has been attached by the student.  You can choose to send this lesson back to the author (student teacher) for revision.
  • Check the night before that they have loaded the lesson plan and you can read it. Taskstream will not allow you to score the observation online if the student does not load their lesson ahead of time.
  • Hard copies of the observation forms will be available on the College of Education website if you would like to complete the observation on paper. You may then go back and enter the information online at a later date. 

Team Evaluation Observation Form

  • The student must log on to Taskstream and self evaluate on the team evaluation conference form and submit those scores for the team evaluation conference. They must choose you (cooperating teacher) to be the evaluator.
  • You will be asked by the student or supervisor to log on to Taskstream and fill out the team evaluation form online before the visit for the team evaluation conference. You cannot enter data in this section until the student has evaluated him or herself and submitted work.

Finalizing the term on Taskstream

Student Teaching Approval

TSPC summary report is under program completion.

  • You will need to log on to Taskstream: hit Double Degree, then choose the section program completion. You will see this form titled TSPC summary report form, click on this form and hit met or not met. This is the final form that indicates you believe the student has completed student teaching and is ready for licensure.
    • Trouble shooting tip At the log in page do not click Needs evaluation, to get to this form. You will not see this form in this section. The form is not submitted by the student and therefore will not be in the Needs evaluation section.


Students will not be allowed to move on to full time student teaching, receive grades for student teaching or receive their license until all the work is completed on Taskstream. Please make sure you complete all the necessary forms by the end of the term. Your student teacher is responsible for reminding you and making sure the work is completed.


  • If you don’t see an “evaluate” button for a student under the applicable column it’s because students can get confused when having to choose between supervisors, instructors, and cooperating teachers.  Let the student know about this because only they can correct the oversight.
  • If you have opened student work (i.e., you clicked on “evaluate”) and then decide not to complete the evaluation at this time, make sure you click “cancel - evaluate later.” If you just log out or go back to the grid after viewing the work then you have locked the work and only you will be able to access it.  That is, if you saw something that you want the student to fix before you complete an evaluation, select “send back to author” rather than just logging out.
  • After first logging on, if you want to see all work and all documents for the students that you have access to, do not click on needs to be evaluated.  Instead, select the applicable program (Double Degree or MSEd) and then select the student or group of students whose work you want to see. Selecting needs to be evaluated to navigate to work will leave out any work needed to be completed by you for which students were not required to upload a document (i.e., the document was submitted by the College).


Comments: Please make note of any other tips or troubles you have using Taskstream that you would like to see on this page for future use.