STEM Education


Building capacity in communities, free choice learning institutions, and schools through collaborative partnerships

  • Co-constructing social, intellectual, and material capital
  • Inquiring into existing capital, activities, and goals
  • Designing and enacting activities that leverage this social, intellectual, and material capital to reach these goals

STEM Focus

OSU’s College of Education is working to build capacity in communities, institutions, and schools through collaborative partnerships that will contribute to the STEM education of the diverse citizens of our state across age groups and settings. Central is faculty’s interest in building capacity to improve the educational opportunities of learners in free-choice environments, in STEM units and teacher education in institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, and after school programs.  Across these settings we share a vision of collaborative partnerships and dynamic growth that will lead to equitable STEM educational opportunities for all learners.  Foundational to the College’s STEM focus is faculty building new knowledge through designing and conducting research with learners across settings. 

Our partnerships are formed around two critical foci; co-constructing resources and jointly enacting activities. Related to resources, we are working with communities, free choice learning institutions, and schools to identify and grow social networks, knowledge and expertise, and financial resources. Related to activities, we are working to identify and grow structures for interaction among members of communities, free choice learning institutions, and schools that leverage these resources.

We recognize the synergistic relationship between social, intellectual, and material resources; the people creating and deploying these resources; the activities that leverage these resources; and the goals that are reached through these activities. We are concerned with the development of resources that are appropriate to the intended activities and the enactment of activities that responsively build on the existing and emergent resources.

Additionally, we are committed to working toward goals that are based on the expressed needs and aspirations of the communities, institutions, and schools partnering with OSU.  As Oregon’s land-grant university charged with an outreach mission, we recognize both our responsibility and institutional resources to act in ways that insure our voice in these collaborations is not louder than the voice of our collaborators.