STEM Education

STEM Focus

The world is changing, and the issues we face in the 21st Century invariably revolve around some aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). These issues can only be resolved with a STEM-educated society, driven by educators passionate about understanding the how, why and when individuals learn STEM. OSU’s College of Education utilizes faculty and partnerships at the forefront of addressing these questions, providing innovative approaches for existing and new educational professionals. Programs are available across the state, in a variety of different formats to meet the needs of a diverse society.

In Classrooms

Math and Science teachers enjoy unique careers that combine the wonder of mathematical and scientific discovery with the joy and intricacy of interacting with students. Teacher preparation and continuing teacher education programs at OSU provide teachers and teacher candidates with experiences that support them in bringing the wonders of discovery to all students.

Beyond Classrooms

Free-choice learning is self-motivated learning that takes place all the time, in any setting outside of the K-12 classroom. People in this focus area work in universities, museums, national parks, zoos, aquariums and media companies.

Become a Teacher

Students looking to teach have three options:

The Education Double-degree enables students to earn two undergraduate degrees concurrently – one in their chosen field and one in education. Subject areas of mastery in STEM fields include basic mathematics, advanced mathematics, biology, chemistry, integrated science, and physics.

The Science Education or Math Education degrees are offered as a professional teacher education program - a master's program to prepare science and math teachers for teaching in grades 6-12 and emphasizes the development of a teacher’s ability to develop research-based teaching strategies that make STEM accessible to learners.

OSU-Cascades’ Master of Arts in Teaching program in Bend offers the opportunity for students holding a bachelor’s degree in any science or math field to gain the skills and license necessary for a career as a teacher in Oregon. Subject areas of mastery in STEM fields include advanced mathematics, biology, chemistry, integrated science, and physics.

Available for existing educators

Online. Ecampus offers the M.S. in Science Education or Mathematics Education a concentration in school-based (K-12) education while Professional And Continuing Education (PACE) offers a non-credit certificate in free-choice learning. These are non-licensure programs.

The Ph.D. in Science Education or Mathematics Education, in Corvallis, allows educators to pursue a research degree.