The College of Education offers an array of graduate degrees and programs to prepare teachers, counselor educators, and other education professionals for careers in schools, community colleges, universities, business and industry, and other postsecondary settings. In addition, electives are offered for undergraduate students who wish to explore education as a career choice. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of all courses offered by the College of Education this summer, and visit the OSU Ecampus website for online courses for teacher and counselor educators.

Summer Courses available online via Ecampus

  • TCE 512 Psychology of the Adolescent
  • TCE 522 Racial and Cultural Harmony in the K-12 Classroom
  • TCE 544 Literature and Reading Curriculum Design
  • TCE 545 Planning Curriculum Aligned to Standards
  • TCE 553 Critical Issues in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • TCE 572 Foundations of ESOL/Bilingual Education
  • TCE 573 Instructional Approaches for ESOL/Bilingual Education
  • TCE 576 Partnerships and Ideologies in ESOL/Bilingual Education
  • TCE 596 Technology for Educators
  • MTH 578 Probability and Data Analysis in K-8 Mathematics
  • MTH 598 Probability and Data Analysis in Secondary Mathematics

Counselor Education

All courses for Counselor Education professional development are available online. Visit OSU Ecampus for more information.

Summer Courses available on campus (in Corvallis)

Professional Development for Both Practicing and Preservice Educators

The College of Education offers a variety of special topic courses taught during Summer Session in addition to regular courses in education. Below is a list of courses taught on the OSU Corvallis campus. These are open to professionals and students interested in teacher education. To obtain information on all Education courses offered, go to the OSU Catalog and type “TCE” in the quick-jump field and press "Go", then select Summer 2014 from the drop-down box on the right and press "Go to Schedule".

* We are offering two complimentary elective courses as a Dual Language Academy.  More information about this courses is available online at

* The following courses are open to professionals and students interested in science and mathematics instruction at the middle and high school levels. The first two courses are part of a Summer Mathematics Program for Teachers.

  • MTH 590 Topics in Secondary Mathematics
  • MTH 594 Number Systems and Operations in Secondary Mathematics

If you have questions about Professional Development education, please contact Karla Rockhold.

Preservice Educators Only

Our introductory ESOL course is cross-listed for both graduate and undergraduate preservice teacher candidates on-campus (Corvallis).  For more information contact our ESOL Program Coordinator, Stacey Lee.

Undergraduate Students Only

In order to provide a multiple-entry pathway to teacher preparation, the College of Education has implemented an undergraduate education degree program. Contact our Advisor, Allyson Dean.

* Undergraduate "core" courses are open to all OSU students and are offered on-campus (Corvallis).

  • TCE 216 Purpose, Structure & Function of Education in a Democracy
  • TCE 219 Civil Rights and Multicultural Issues in Education
  • TCE 253 Learning Across the Lifespan

* Upper division undergraduate courses offered on-campus (Corvallis):

  • TCE 412 Learning Styles & Needs in Adolescence