The College of Education offers an array of graduate degrees and programs to prepare teachers, counselor educators, and other education professionals for careers in schools, community colleges, universities, business and industry, and other postsecondary settings. In addition, electives are offered for undergraduate students who wish to explore education as a career choice. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of all courses offered by the College of Education this fall, and visit the OSU Ecampus website for online courses for teacher and counselor educators.

Counselor Education

All courses for Counselor Education professional development are available online. Visit OSU Ecampus for more information.

Teacher Education

Fall Courses available on-campus (Corvallis)

  • SED 473 Science Pedagogy and Technology
  • SED 474 Mathematics Pedagogy and Technology
  • SED 599 Topics in Science Education: Communicating Ocean Sciences

Fall Courses available online

  • TCE 411 Educational Psychology, Learning and Development
  • TCE 572 Foundations of ESOL/Bilingual Education
  • TCE 590 Social Justice in Education
  • SED 564 Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students
  • SED 582 Personal Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning
  • SED 594 Advanced Strategies Science and Mathematics

Spring Courses available online

  • TCE 542 Teacher Leadership
  • TCE 549 Teaching in a Differentiated and Diverse Classroom
  • SED 541 Teaching Weather Concepts: Using Tools for Multi-disciplinary Teaching

Summer Courses available on-campus (Corvallis)

  • SED 512 Technology Foundations for Teaching Math and Science
  • SED 540 Field and Online Learning of Geoscience Concepts

Summer Courses available online

  • SED 512 Technology Foundations for Teaching Math and Science
  • SED 520 Integrating Technology & Literacy in Learning Math & Science
  • SED 566 Fostering Reflective Discourse in Science and Math Contexts
  • TCE 522 Racial and Cultural Harmony in the K-12 Classroom
  • TCE 544 Literacy and Reading Curriculum Design
  • TCE 572 Foundations of ESOL/Bilingual Education
  • TCE 596 Technology for Educators

For more information about any of these courses, please contact Karla Rockhold.