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Core To College Partnership

This project supports community college and high school math instructors to discuss and reform developmental and dual degree courses offered across Community Colleges and High Schools as Oregon adopts and enacts the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. There is also attention to the teacher preparation of mathematics teachers. The project has met for the past year discussing course content and beginning to examine student learning opportunities as suggested by the Standards for Mathematical Practice in the CCSSM. The team from Tillamook Bay Community College has participated in the Lane Community College Epic project on Math 95 and Math 111. There are initial conversations about high cognitive asks among the Tillamook team. The OSU members facilitated a portion of a state level professional development day in October 2012 where the Tillamook team participated. Spring 2013 the team will meet in April at the two year Oregon Community College meeting and in May at Tillamook Bay Community College. Contact: Rebekah Elliott

FIESTAS (Families Involved in Education Sociocultural Teaching and STEM)

A collaborative project between OSU’s College of Education, 4H Youth Development, and the Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) program with a focus on enhancing the knowledge of STEM related topics in Latino and underrepresented youth in the 3rd to 5th grades.

Math to Studio Fellowship Program (A Model for Mentoring New and Master Teachers, a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program)

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Mid Valley Mid Coast Partnership (MVMCP)

The Mid-Valley-Mid-Coast Partnership (MVMCP), established in 2004, is a partnership of local educational leaders in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley-mid-Pacific Coast region. By focusing on collaboration opportunities among educational institutions in the region’s school districts from pre-K through university, the MVMCP assists the local educational communities in identifying opportunities for improving the performance of the region’s students and teachers and for sharing resources. The MVMCP convenes once a month during the academic year. In addition, individual members frequently meet informally to discuss issues of interest. Contact: Larry Flick

Oregon Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (OMTEP)

The goal of OMTEP is to share strategic goals, new knowledge and strategies among institutions around Oregon in the critical area of mathematics teacher education. 


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