Elisabeth MoweryI graduated OSU in Dec 1988. I raised my children and substituted for several years. I then work in private school and most recently taught kindergarten for 8 years.  I wanted to increase from my part time position to a full time position. I consulted with my principal and we came to the conclusion that an ESOL endorsement would open doors for me. I was very pleased with my interactions with Stacey Lee when looking into attending OSU online to complete my endorsement.  She was positive, prompt and helped me each step of the way. Cheridy Advuri was my first online instructor.  She was MARVELOUS. She gave me such encouragement and courage to complete my coursework. So much had changed since I left OSU! She answered all my questions.  I started my endorsement Spring of 2012 and finished Winter of 2012 by taking a heavy summer load. I was able to have my ORELA and have my endorsement on my license in time to be considered for a job in the spring of 2013.  The plan worked! I have a new job that is full time teaching 1st grade. The school at work at has a bilingual program and an English only program. I would not be qualified for this job without my endorsement. Also, everyone in our school teaches ELD/SLD to their whole class 30 minutes a day. I see this as a really positive thing for all students. So even though I am not an ELD teacher, I am using my coursework daily.  When I graduated in 1988, a reading endorsement opened doors but I believe an ESOL endorsement is very essential to teaching today