How to Become a Career and Technical Education Teacher

For people who have not previously completed a teacher preparation program.

1. Have a minimum of 1800 hours of relevant business and industry experience during the last five years, in the career area you want to teach.

2. Apply for jobs in school districts that have open positions in the career area

in which you are qualified. You must be hired and have a school district co-sponsor your application for teacher licensure.

3. Complete Application for CTE I License and submit directly to the Oregon Department of Education through your Regional CTE Coordinator (your school district will identify this person.)

4. You will need a passing score on the Civil Rights & Professional Ethics test (information and study materials can be located on the ORELA website).

5. Complete appropriate forms for Licensure and submit directly to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

6. A three year Professional Development Plan will be established by your Instructor Appraisal Committee (IAC) as part of your CTE I license application.

The plan may include:

  • Degree Waiver for those without an Associate Degree or higher.
  • Up to 18 credits of prescribed teacher preparation courses, including but not limited to, math/literacy in CTE, classroom management, curriculum design, CTE in Oregon, to be completed during the first three years of teaching as part of the Path to CTE II license.
  • Other educational requirements are proof of college level English Language Arts and Math credits.
  • Additional work or educational requirements may be established by the IAC.

7. TSPC will issues a CTE I License that is good for one year and can be renewed for up to three years, with evidence of satisfactory progress towards completion of the Professional Development Plan

8. TSPC will issues a CTE II License upon completion of all CTE I Professional Development Plan requirements and can be renewed indefinitely through TSPC upon completion of 25 Professional Development Units (PDUs) per year.



Sara Wright