Licensure and Field Services

The Office of Licensure & Field Services provides licensure, field placement, and accreditation services for all licensure programs in the College of Education.  Licensure programs are those accredited programs that prepare K-12 school personnel including teachers and school counselors. 

For information regarding licensure programs available through the OSU College of Education, refer to the Help Deciding on a Major webpage.

For more information about licensure and field placements, please contact:

Jen Humphreys, Licensure and Placement Specialist
104F Furman Hall

For more information about our programs on the Cascades Campus, please contact:

Jessica Buhrle, MAT, Admissions, Advising & Program Administration
Teacher & Counselor Education
Graduate & Research Center
650 SW Columbia St., Bend
(T) 541.322.3118
(F) 541.382.0186

For more information about our expectations of cooperating teachers, counseling site supervisors, or university supervisors, as well as about accreditation, field supervision, and licensure protocols, please contact:

Nell O’Malley, Director, Education Licensure
104D Furman Hall