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The Governance Statement is available for download here.

Strategic Planning Committee 

Purpose: Advise the Dean and Associate Deans on strategic and fund-raising matters and policies pertaining to the College, including long-range fiscal and program planning, facilities, technology, and resources. Advise the Dean and Associate Deans on assurance of fit of curriculum proposals with long-range goals of the College; elimination of duplication of effort; assurance of integrity of proposed course or program objectives, content, and evaluation; and on student-related issues, such as student recruitment, academic standing of students; student advising policies; program accreditation; and assurance that the best interests of students, programs, and the College are being met. Make recommendations to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the University Faculty Senate's Curriculum Committee, and the Graduate Council for the College on substance of Category II proposals. Make recommendation to the Academic Staff as a whole on Category I proposals. 

Committee member, Position, Term of Service
Deborah Rubel, Chair (Counseling), '18
Tenisha Tevis, AHE, '19
Soria Colomer, CLD/ELL, '19
Rebekah Elliott, STEM, ‘19
Michael Giamellaro, Cascades, '19
Summer Lowery, Classified Staff, '19
Martin Storksdieck, STEM, '18


Technology Subcommittee 2016-17:

Cheridy Aduviri - Chair (Hybrid/Ed tech)
Kristin Kinman - Classified/Tech purchasing
Sara Wright - Licensure Tech
Nandita Golya - CLD
Abraham Cazares-Cervantes- Counseling
Gosia Wojtas - Classified


Personnel Committee

Purpose: Advise the Dean and Associate Deans on policies related to personnel matters, including search and appointment, convening of promotion and tenure committees, overseeing the orientation and mentoring of junior faculty and adjunct faculty, development of performance review, and grievance (student, staff, and faculty).  Personnel policy deliberations need to recognize that academic staff may hold appointment in one or more other units outside the College and this context must be taken into consideration. Upon notification of the need for promotion and tenure review, this committee will select an appropriate faculty at the rank of the intended promotion to help the candidate prepare a dossier, chair the Discipline-Level Review Committee and draft the letter for the committee.  All members of the discipline at or above the rank being evaluated will serve on the discipline-level review, will review and reach consensus on the letter, and sign.  The College P&T Committee for indefinite tenure and/or promotion will be comprised of all Academic Staff in the College at or above the rank being evaluated who do not serve on the Discipline Level Review Committee.  The Dean will appoint a P&T Committee chair each year that a review(s) is needed.

Committee member, Position, Term of Service
Matt Nyman, Chair (STEM), ‘18
Carolyn Platt, Cascades, ‘19
Kathryn Ciechanowski, CLD, '18
Lucy Arellano, AHE, '18
Sara Wright, CLD, '18
Liz White, CLD, '18
Vacant, STEM, '19
Kristin Kinman, ex-officio (Classified)


Organizational Culture Committee

Purpose: Advise the Dean, Associate Deans, and Staff on matters pertaining to strengthening the College's internal organizational culture and the intellectual life of the faculty, including cultural competence, social relations, diversity initiatives, scholarships, awards (for students, staff, and faculty), faculty and staff development, and graduation.

Committee member, Position, Term of Service
Claire Meints, Chair, Classified, '18 
Terry Adams, CLD, '18
Sue Helback, CLD, '17
Mike O'Malley, At-Large CLD, '18
Amy Hoffman, STEM, '19
Gloria Crisp, AHE, '19
Kok-Mun Ng, Counseling, '17
Summer Lowery, Classified, '19
Karla Rockhold, ex-officio (Administration - Coordinator-Student Outreach & Retention)


College Faculty Representatives on OSU Committees

Academic Advising Council - Karla Rockhold

Ad Hoc University Committee for Academic Dishonesty - Randy Bell

Advancement of Teaching Committee - Deborah Rubel

Advising Technology Committee - Karla Rockhold

Associate Deans of Research Council - Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

College of Education Faculty Senator - Nell O'Malley

Conflict of Interest Committee - SueAnn Bottoms

Council of Head Advisors - Karla Rockhold

Difference, Power, Discrimination Advisory Board - Mike O'Malley

Diversity Council - Mike O'Malley

Dixon Recreation Board - Sara Wright

Enrollment Management Committee - Karla Rockhold

Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching Committee - Martin Storksdieck, Chair

Faculty Senate Executive Committee - Nell O'Malley

Faculty Senate Graduate Admissions Committee - Stacey Lee

Faculty Senate Graduate Council - Rebekah Elliott

Faculty Senate Research Council - Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

Faculty Senate Research Council - Julie Gess-Newsome (for Cascades)

Faculty Senate College of Education Representative - Lucy Arellano

Faculty Senate College of Education Representative - Jennifer Bachman

Faculty Senate Online Education Committee - Cheridy Aduviri

Faculty Senate Undergraduate Admissions Committee - Sara Wright

FERPA Learning Community - Karla Rockhold

Graduate Council - Kok-Mun Ng

Hatfield Marine Science Center Academic Affairs Committee - Shawn Rowe

Hatfield Marine Science Center Executive Committee - Shawn Rowe

Hatfield Marine Science Center Management Committee - Shawn Rowe

Hatfield Marine Science Center Seminar Committee - Shawn Rowe

Marine Science Initiative Academic Development Steering Committee - Lynn Dierking

OSU Curriculum Council - Sue Helback, Karla Rockhold

OSU Kaltura Steering Committee - Cheridy Aduviri

OSU Planning Committee - Tom Scheuermann

OSU Team Liberation Program Review Committee - Mike O'Malley

President's Commission on the Status of Women - Darlene Russ-Eft

Student Recognition and Awards Committee - Karla Rockhold

Tenure Faculty Diversity Initiative Committee - Kok-Mun Ng

University Assessment Council -  Randy Bell

University Council on Student Engagement and Experience - Randy Bell

University Outreach & Engagement Council - Lynn Dierking

Waldo Cummings Scholarship Committee - Karla Rockhold