Graduating Student Stories- Beyond the Shores of Hawaii

Keri Imada was inspired by her mother, a hard-working educator, to become a teacher herself


Graduating Student Stories- A Spark in Teaching

Suzette Savoie was able to “combine [her] passion for science and mentoring” through completion of the Master of Science in Education program this year.


Graduating Student Stories- From Student to Teacher

After five years of dedication, Allison Dorko is graduating this spring with a PhD in Mathematics Education.


Graduating Student Stories- A Dean with a Degree

Bruce Hattendorf’s final years of school have been challenging, but his hard work and determination has paid off and he is graduating from the Community College Leadership (CCL) program this year.

Cass Dykeman

100 Years of Counseling

Cass Dykeman: Associate Professor in the Counseling Program

Darlene Russ-Eft

Faculty Award: Darlene Russ-Eft

Darlene Russ-Eft was recently inducted into the Academy of Human Resource Development Hall of Fame.

Alumni: Bob Mohrbacher, Veronica R. Garcia

Bob Mohrbacher accepted the position of president at Centralia College and Veronica R.Garcia was appointed as the new president of Northeast Lakeview College.

María Leija teaches an ESOL class

New $2.5 million grant will support training for Oregon teachers of English learners

Oregon State University’s College of Education will provide training for up to 80 Oregon teachers who work with students learning English under a new $2.5 million federal grant.

SEA Through the Eye of an Artist

Celebrating the convergence of the arts and science.

Jeffrey Clark, alumnus of the College of Education, speaks at a podium.

Alumnus Jeffrey Clark honored with the 2016 William A. Howe Award.

Jeffrey Clark was given the American School Health Association’s highest honor, recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions and distinguished service in school health.