Cultural and Linguistic Diversity


The College of Education at Oregon State University is committed to training all educators to work effectively with diverse student populations, as well as diversifying the field of teachers and other education professionals.  Embracing an innovative spirit in teaching, research, service, and knowledge dissemination, we are committed to the values of diversity and social justice in a global society.  Constructivist and social justice frameworks guide and inform our teacher and counselor education programs.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Oregon's Schools

Students in Oregon's schools are increasingly diverse.  According to the Oregon Department of Education's Statewide Report Card, 33.7% of all K-12 students were from racial/ethnic minorities in the 2011-12 school year.  This was an increase from 20.4% ten years earlier.  

Minority Students in Oregon Schools

Economically disadvantaged student and limited English proficient populations are also increasing rapidly. Nearly 50% of students in Oregon now qualify for free and reduced lunch, and over 11% of Oregon's K-12 students now have a primary home language other than English. At the same time, the achievement gap persists for racial/ethnic minority students, economically disadvantaged students, English language learners, and students with disabilities.  

Free and Reduced Price Lunch in OR

Poverty and Homelessness in OR Schools