The purpose of the content knowledge forms is to provide a standard for coursework in each of the possible science and mathematics content areas.  The courses listed are examples of relevant courses at OSU and will be different at different institutions.  The minimum credit hours reflect quarter hours.  For the purposes of your application, 1 quarter hour = 1 1/2 semester hours.  If you have any questions regarding required coursework for admission, please contact the program coordinator.  During the admissions process, you will fill out a Content Knowledge Form to demonstrate your competence in your chosen area.

  • Mathematics:
    • Basic Mathematics (all applicants are asked to meet the Advanced Mathematics level)
    • Advanced Mathematics
  • The information above is specific to the Master of Science in Education - Science and Mathematics program at OSU. The Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) requires only that you pass the Pearson subject matter exam in each area. However, the faculty have decided that higher standards are necessary for successful completion of the program.
  • It is possible to receive multiple endorsements in science during the program. Additional Pearson subject matter exams will be required for each additional endorsement.
To view the specific courses you would be allowed to teach with a specific endorsement, see the TSPC Licensure Guide.  You will need to select the 'Initial I Teaching' license from the second page.  All endorsements above are relevant for all mathematics or science classes at the middle school level, respectively.
For more information, contact Nick Cabot, 541-737-8564.