Requirements for the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort

  Students should be working on these requirements as they take their Pre-Education courses.  Ideally, a student would apply for the professional level once they have earned 165 credits. For a checklist, click here.

  • The first requirement is to achieve a preferred 3.0 grade point average at Oregon State.
  • The second requirement is to take the foundational education courses: ED 216, ED 219, ED 253, ED 472, and ED 479.  These courses, except for ED 479, are offered every term including summer.
  • The third requirement is to complete 60 hours of classroom experience with the age group you hope to teach.  If you’d like, you can complete these hours for credit. ED 309 is a three credit course which is offered every term and allows you to complete observation hours in a local classroom spread over ten weeks.  ED 309 is graded as pass/fail.  This course requires an override that can only be permitted once a student has completed a background check at least one month before registration.  Forms can be found in Furman 104
  • The fourth requirement is to pass the Protecting Students and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment Test.  This test should be taken shortly after you have finished ED 219.  Once you have taken and passed the test, be sure to keep an electronic copy and paper copy of your scores in a safe place. You will need them several times as an Education Double Degree Student. 
  • The fifth requirement is to complete the courses on your Content Mastery sheet.  In order to be eligible for the state of Oregon teaching license, students must have taken a number of courses in the content area they hope to teach.  The Education Double Degree tracks students' progress using a Content Mastery Sheet.  Courses taken from this sheet need to average out to a preferred 3.0 grade point average, and each class must have a grade of a C- or above; all content mastery courses must be taken for an A-F letter grade (with the exception of AP/IB credit).  To document your progress, please log your classes using one of the attachments on the Content Mastery Sheets page and save it to your hard drive.  When you apply to the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort, you will upload a copy with your content mastery sheet that accurately reflects the grades you received on courses taken thus far.  


Recommended Baccalaureate Core Classes

For Math, Science, Foreign Language, Language Arts, and Health endorsements, the content mastery sheet is primarily filled by major classes.  However, Elementary Education, Social Studies, and Family and Consumers Sciences students might have classes on their sheet that are not met by their major.  Taking classes from the university's Baccalaureate Core is a great way to fill this sheet.  The list of recommended Baccalaureate Core classes for these areas is below.

 **Please note that in order to be considered for student teaching, you must have applied and been accepted into the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort.**