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Below are a few fast facts about the Education Double Degree:

  • The Education Double Degree allows you to earn a second degree in Education.  Your first and primary degree will give you content knowledge of a subject area to teach.  Your second degree in Education will give you methods and strategies needed to teach your subject area.  For example, if you want to be a high school Biology teacher, your primary degree might be in Biology or Biochemistry with a second degree in Education.
  • The Education Double Degree is 15 credits of pre-requisite ED credits and 38-40 credits of teaching methods and student teaching credits.  If you decide to get a second degree, you will need 212 credits to graduate from the university.  For most students, the addition of the Double Degree adds 3 extra terms to their schedule.  Check out our education major sheet to find out the types of classes you will take.
  • Alongside the Education Degree, you will earn a state of Oregon teaching license.
  • With the Education Double Degree, you will earn an Initial I Oregon teaching license. Currently you will be licensed to teach in one of the following authorization levels*:
    • Early Childhood/Elementary: Ages 3 - 8th Grade (self-contained classrooms)
    • Secondary: Middle level and High School
  • With the Education Double Degree, middle level and high school teachers are able to teach 1-2 endorsement areas (subjects).  These endorsements are Social Studies, Language Arts, ESOL, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Health, and Family and Consumer Sciences.  In order to be licensed in two endorsement areas, you will need to complete a student teaching experience in both subjects and complete the content mastery requirements for each subject before student teaching.

To view the double degree prerequisites and requirements, click here.

*The Oregon Teaching Standards and Practices Commission is currently reviewing authorization levels and these are subject to change.