Adult Education/Organization and Human Resource Education

The Master's Degree in Education with a major in Adult Education will prepare you to meet the unique demands of adult leaders in business and industry, government, community agencies, online environments, and community college programs. Our courses in theory, system design, assessment, research, and instructional technology, as well as internships, provide you with the tools and knowledge to design curriculum and implement the most effective learning strategies in a variety of educational settings throughout your professional career.

Program Design

This degree program is designed for the working professional who finds it difficult to attend weekly classes. We meet one weekend each month at the Wilsonville Training Center in Wilsonville, Oregon. Classes begin in the afternoon and evening on Friday and continue all day Saturday. These highly interactive and engaging weekend sessions focus on the application of skills that can be utilized immediately in one's workplace setting. Assignments between the monthly meetings are supported through peer and instructional staff mentoring and coaching via the internet.

For more information, contact:

Shelley Dubkin-Lee
(541) 737-5963