Dr. Shawn Rowe will be hosting a new weekly meeting centered on helping students develop skills in thinking and talking about learning theory. The meeting will be held in the West Wing Conference Room at Hatfield Marine Science Center (where Shawn is based) and polycom’d to campus in Furman 100 every Friday from 9-11am starting this Fri Sept 28th.

The meeting will be student-led and aims to help students feel more comfortable with talking about and applying theory in the context of their work. The meeting will mostly be aimed at PhD students, but Masters students are also welcome to attend if they feel it will be beneficial. Readings will be assigned to help initiate discussion. This week’s readings are Chapters 1-4 in Vygotsky’s “Mind in Society" (click to view the PDF on SlideShare).

Please consider participating in this exciting new professional development opportunity for students.


Dr. Shawn Rowe will be hosting a new weekly discussion group this Friday. (Read full story)